The ground paper from our facility is sold to local Arizona paper mills and transformed into everyday consumer products and packaging.

The ground paper from our facility is sold to local Arizona paper mills and transformed into everyday consumer products and packaging.

Premier Document Shredding of Arizona provides document shredding and certified document destruction services to businesses and the municipalities located ter Maricopa County including, Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Verrassing, Avondale, Zon City, Buckeye, Anthem, Cave Creek, Queen Creek, Globe, Apache Junction, Casa Grande and Florence.

What is Secure Paper Shredding?

Secure paper shredding is a must-have for any business worried about protecting client information, safeguarding intellectual property, securing information obtained under non-disclosure or preventing corporate espionage. Sensitive information that falls into the wrong arms can have devastating consequences for a business and consumers alike. For this reason, the destruction of individual information and patient information is often required by law. Professional service companies should be aware of the legislation regarding the safeguarding, retention and destruction policies for their industry. For example, medical and healthcare professionals vereiste make sure that certain records are demolished on a daily voet.

Why Outsource Shredding Services?

Putting an employee ter charge of document destruction is not only risky but also an inefficient use of your payroll. Service charges vary, but ter general, you will save about 17% by hiring our service rather than attempting to do it yourself. From a security standpoint, employees should not have access to the documents or shredded files. Albeit there are government regulations regarding what documents voorwaarde be ruined, there are few regulations concerning how the destruction should be ended.

Using a typical office shredder does not provide the highest level of security. It is possible for thieves to reassemble the documents. Using a service like Premier Document Shredding ensures the documents cannot be reassembled by anyone. Written documents might not be the only thing that your company needs to demolish. Gegevens stored on CDs or DVDs may be a security risk. X-rays, videotapes and other items should be disposed of decently, not simply thrown out with the trash. An office shredder cannot treat those items.

Why Choose Premier Document Shredding?

At Premier Document Shredding ter Arizona, wij use state of the kunst document destruction technologies to effectively demolish all physical media types. Our shredder grinds documents into a paper fluff that cannot be recognized or reassembled. The security of your business’ information is our very first priority and wij take fine measures to ensure our facility, equipment and people meet the highest possible standards. Spil a proud member of the National Association for Information Destruction, wij stay abreast of the latest regulatory requirements and best practices ter the industry. Our continuing education and passion for excellence translates into providing Arizona’s finest shredding and document destruction service.

Overheen the years, our recycling program has helped save thousands of trees and provide a low cost, high quality form of clean paper for recycling. The ground paper from our facility is sold to local Arizona paper mills and transformed into everyday consumer products and packaging. To encourage recycling and raise the awareness for secure document destruction, Premier Document Shredding hosts community shredding events where consumers and petite businesses can druppel off their documents for secure shredding at no cost. Paper and documents collected during the shred event is securely processed and then recycled.

To learn more about our services and receive a free quote, please call (480) 829-0089 te Central Arizona or (520) 461-1709 te Southern Arizona or voeling us.

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