Investment education, Investment opportunities and possibilities

Investment education, Investment opportunities and possibilities

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Open rente Cluster te BABA stock – Trade Analysis – Possible Insider Trade?

With this postbode, I want to provide a trade analysis of a very profitable trade which I closed recently ter the Alibaba stock.

Just some days before the Earnings(17th August) of $BABA, I noticed a strange open rente(OI) cluster te the 200USD call options with expiry on 25.08.2018. After further checking the OI’s on other strikes my assumption wasgoed that this cluster wasgoed based on naked te the money brief puts with a delta of 1 – this means the profit loss scheme is pretty much the same spil with a long stock engagement but it is possible to reduce margin by the use of such a strategy. The mentioned cluster wasgoed consisting of

3100 options which is today already closed. It could be assumed that an insider wasgoed involved due to the positive earnings but nobody knows and it certainly does not influence our decisions for such a speculation. When big money moves wij have to observe out for it.

Due to positive earnings and this OI cluster I wasgoed able to make fairly a nice profit ter just a few days. I chose to trade out of the money brief puts and some long stocks secured with a long waterput. I wasgoed able to inject the $BABA stock at a price of 159,Five USD – today it reached almost 178 USD which is a pretty nice budge ter such a brief time. After this trades and positive earnings I wasgoed able to make further profits with some more OTM brief puts.

Te general, I have to say that Alibaba could hold their ground pretty good te comparison to Amazon (AMZN) which is down a few percents from their top.

I will definable increase my stock scanning cycle te the future ter order to find other nice opportunities supported by positive OI’s.

Open rente Cluster te WFT stock – Trade developing

Today I want to write about an interesting development ter the WFT – Weatherford international stock. WFT is a typical Oil service stock and due to the increasingly stiffer environment for Oil stocks ter the last year, also WFT fights with a declining stock price which is very likely mostly owed to a declining Oil pricing, smaller project volumes ter this market and therefore lower earnings.

If wij take a look at the daily chart of WFT wij can clearly see a downtrend that seems to pauze out due to the strong moves of the last Three trading days:

Recently I noticed that ter the JUL 21 expiring options the Open rente (OI) is at a very high level compared to other expirations. Also te the August 18th expiry, wij have higher OIs but not even half the amount which wij have ter the nearest expiration. Another interesting factor is that this volume only seems to exist on the Call side of the options, see a Screenshot of the Options chain below:

Such high OI could be an indication of a developing Trade which mean te this case that the option traders are looking for higher prices until the 21th of JUL.

Possible reasons for this trade development:

  • News on WFT Partnership
  • possible M &, A deeds

Personally, I invested into WFT directly via stocks and some long options, if you like such or similar posts please let mij know so I can bring more of it te the future.

Investment te Fairtrade Gold

When Investing into Gold various facts have to be considered. Things like mark-ups for bullion and for lower weights of gold caf(below one ounce), price spread differences inbetween buy-sell price, price difference inbetween various banks and online shops.

Another factor is the decision whether to make an Investment ter Fairtrade Gold.

Te a comparison inbetween various gold sources I noticed that there are also Fairtrade gold sellers on the market, especially I became aware of

What is Fairtrade Gold?

The wording fairtrade gold refers to the fairtrade certification which is since recently also available for gold mines. Gold kroegen or bullion are only permitted to be labeled “Fairtrade Gold” when certain safety conditions and other are fulfilled and a goldmine receives a certification. But this means also higher wages for workers and extra support for their region. Also, the EU has come up with invoer regulations ter respect to gold mined te Africa – therefore this topic will receive even more rente te the future.

Investment te Fairtrade Gold

One has to admit that there are different viewpoints on the topic of an Investment ter Fairtrade Gold. From the perspective of an Investor, its makes no sense to pay more for your gold and also receive non-standardized gold bullion or caf spil your costs are just higher and its stiffer to achieve a profit. From the perspective of both a collector and also an ethical point of view, it makes indeed sense to invest te such opportunities. This is mostly due to the following reasons:

  • ethical and much better for the eco-system
  • only limited quantities available therefore its possible to achieve still a profit spil a collector due to scarcity
  • feel good by supporting the locals and increase their working quality and payment

A detailed evaluation which type of an investor you are and if this is the right Investment for you has to be of course done by yourself.

When interested ter this topic see also my older posts about gold and silver investments:

Nintendo classic Mini: Super Nintendo (SNES) – Still worth the hustle?!

Last year Nintendo wasgoed able to relaunch the classic console “Nintendo Classic” spil a Nintendo classic mini edition – te form of a puny hardware emulator. (see my postbode regarding the Nintendo Classic here)

Due to the good success of this product line, Nintendo is now continuing this series with the Super Nintendo mini (SNES). The release for the SNES mini is scheduled for late September of 2018 – pre-orders have already began and most of the very first pre-order batches were sold out quickly. The fresh SNES mini wasgoed also announced on my investment watchlist te late Mai of this year.

Facts of the Nintendo classic Mini: Super Nintendo (SNES):

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo looks exactly like the original console but is smaller (mini edition) and comes with 21 preinstalled games. Included accessories are an HDMI cable, a USB power cable and two wired controllers. The 21 included games are the following:

  • Tegen III – The Alien Wars
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • EarthBound
  • Final Fantasy III
  • F-zero
  • Kirby’s Wish Course
  • Kirby Super Strak
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Verbinding to the Past
  • Mega Man X
  • Secret of Mana
  • Strak Fox
  • Strak Fox Two
  • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super Ghouls n Ghosts
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Starlets
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Punch-Out!
  • Yoshi’s Island

Is it still worth the hustle to get one?

From a collectors and gamers perspective, it undoubtedly is worth it, the console will be priced inbetween 70 EUR and 100 EUR and is, therefore, a nice snufje to collect. Spil an Investor ter alternative investments I have to say, “it depends”. I have seen such hyped products before also with certain coin investments were I entered the market before the hype commenced. Usually, spil soon spil a certain product gets hyped, there will be more and more “players” ter the market who intend to make a profit on the respective product. This can be puny retail shops, eBay shops but also big retailers. Also, the Manufacturer has the chance to raise prices ter order to reduce speculation and keep more profit. Additionally, there is more awareness for this product te the market and it gets even hard to grab one.

Basically, all thesis things happend with the pre-order announcement of the SNES mini, which makes it to a certain amount unattractive to an investor. Nevertheless, if I can grab one at retail price, I will buy it.

Where to check for pre-order?

It should be available again on the following platforms if wij are fortunate. What theses shops do is provide puny batches at certain times so also a “sold out” sign means that another batch could come soon.

Good luck te finding any consoles left!

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Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy #part3

Ter this third part of my evaluation of Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading Strategy, I want to give an update on the present state of mij arbitrage test runs. (see reference: PART1, PART2)

See again below the test scripts:

750EUR from an EUR exchange (bitcoin.den) to a US-exchange (Bitfinex).com and then switch my BTC ter USD –>, pretty unfavorable setup ter terms of fees and costs

  • The 2nd test run
  • 3000EUR is done with two EUR exchanges (BTC-e and Bitcoin.den) – this 2nd setup is ter my case spil a European the best possible and economic setup –>, I split the invest te BTC and LTC

    For my test run I used the following Bitcoin exchanges:

    Results so far…

    1. Very first test run –>, Money still stuck at (withdrawal wasgoed made on 05.05.2018) –>, see announcement from Bitfinex
    2. 2nd test run –>, blocked my money some days and the arbitrage has therefore failed, after I wasgoed able to withdraw again I transferred the coins to Kritiseren and Bitcoin.den and sold the coins –>, closed, money received

    After almost 1month, the very first part of my money is still stuck at Bitfinex due to problems with their payment provider. The 2nd test run wasgoed closed and I’m indeed glad that I used both Kritiseren and Bitcoin.den for this test run.

    I held my BTCs spil a speculation to a higher level then I bought them at and therefore wasgoed able to make a petite profit on the portion of BTCs that I wasgoed holding. Unluckily, at the same time, the 2nd part which I converted into LTC dropped ter value and I had to sell at a loss. Overall this will certainly gonna be a loser. But I will analyze both test runs altogether after receiving my funds from Bitfinex.

    What I’m truly blessed about is the withdrawal time respectively the trading time(at Bitcoin.den transactions are resolved Peer to Peer) at Kritiseren which wasgoed within 1 business day and Bitcoin.den which wasgoed within 1-2 business days. So thesis two exchanges are certainly worth their while.

    I will keep you posted for the analysis of this test runs.

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    My april 2018 monthly investing income report

    see below my April 2018 monthly investing income report.

    No extra positions were added for this month.

    Update on other open positions:

    • Animal Coins –>, profitable HOLD
    • Blue earth series coins (sale will be evaluated), 175year anniversary coins and Vishaak Coins still need some time to get sold out te retail sale

    Stay tuned for the Mai update spil Trio extra positions were added to the portfolio!

    April 2018 monthly investing income report:

    Vfs 5EUR Collectors Coin – Investment Sucess! +350%

    Spil informed ter my February monthly report and also ter my investment Watchlist, I invested ter the fresh 5EUR Vfs coins. I also introduced the very first coins of this series, the 5EUR “Blue Earth” Coin. Already the very first release wasgoed a big success for the german mint and the coins were sold out te all qualities within a few days. The mintage for the 2018 coins, the tropical zone, wasgoed with 300.000 lumps slightly higher than last years 250.000 chunks. The coins were sold te lots of 5pieces(therefore marked with the letters: A, D, F, G, J) where each coin wasgoed minted ter a different german mint.

    One of the main differentiations inbetween last years blue earth coin is indefinitely the crimson polymer stadionring. Also the artist of the coin switched which is rather uncommon for a series of coins but did not hurt its success.

    See the mintage facts for the 2018 coin below:

    Artist: Stefanie Radtke aus Leipzig

    Release date: 27. April 2018

    Minting institutions: Berlin (A), Munchen (D), Stuttgart (F),Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg (J)

    Material: Cu75Ni25, Cu81Ni19, Polymerring

    Engraving: Klimazonen der Erde

    Mintage: polished edition: 300.000 chunks

    standard edition: 2Mio. lumps

    The coins were available at a pre-purchase price of 100 EUR including shipping and are already selling on ebay.den around 350 EUR. This fact alone makes this series next to the Austrian “Animal Coin” series one of the most successful coin investments I proposed on this Blog. And I will definitively go after the upcoming releases of this coin series for the next years.

    Check the Watchlist to stay informed of current and upcoming opportunities.

    Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy #part2

    This is the 2nd part of my evaluation of a Bitcoin-arbitrage strategy. Spil mentioned ter my original postbode ( I made two test runs to attempt out Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy.

    Spil mentioned te my original postbode, I’m testing the following screenplays:

    750EUR from an EUR exchange (bitcoin.den) to a US-exchange (Bitfinex).com and then switch my BTC ter USD –>, pretty unfavorable setup te terms of fees and costs

  • The 2nd test run
  • 3000EUR is done with two EUR exchanges (BTC-e and Bitcoin.den) – this 2nd setup is te my case spil a European the best possible and economic setup –>, I split the invest te BTC and LTC

    So far my resume is, that I’m pretty disappointed with the developments te the Bitcoin area. After the Mt.gox hack, there were more hacks, more scams and some scams are still going on. Also, Mt.gox users are still waiting for a part of their money which is still stuck te the insolvency case ter Japan.


    • Only use trusted exchanges (Bitcoin.den,
    • Always split investments onto different exchanges if treating thicker amounts of money
    • There is still money to be made but only for those who know how the spel works and which vrouwen(exchanges) to trust

    For my test run I used the following Bitcoin exchanges:

    And I can say that I only trust Bitcoin.den a 100% spil a know that german regulators limousine most likely the most limitary but also is trusted spil I’m also aware that it is bot used spil a fucking partner ter the Mtgox insolvency case to redistribute the remaining Mtgox funds. Btc-e wasgoed back then around 2013 a good place to go but ter this actual proef, I made a pretty bad practice with them. After funding my account and providing them already beforehand with my utter verification documents they locked my account without any informatie – so the exchanged Bitcoins could not be transferred…2-3 days straks after sending the same verification documents the third time they unlocked my account whereas the Bitcoin price and the LTC price wasgoed already dropped some percentage points. I send the BTC to Bitcoin.den and the LTC to – now I’m waiting for prices to come back a bit (and speculating for a little profit).

    Results so far…

    1. Very first test run –>, Money still stuck at (withdrawal wasgoed made on 05.05.2018)
    2. 2nd test run –>, BTC-E blocked my account without notice, therefore, the arbitrage failed and I will attempt to speculate to get at least my original Investment back

    I will keep you posted.

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    Evaluation of Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy

    Spil someone who wasgoed mining BTCs and LTCs already some years back, I can undoubtedly say that there is money to be made ter Cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless after Investing successfully with BTC and BTC-related hardware and other stuff but then getting trapped with a lotsbestemming of my Investment money (or FIAT spil it is called ter the cryptocurrency world) ter the very first major BTC-exchange hack/scam (MTGOX), truly deepthroats. Therefore one evolves to be a more conservative Investor ter terms of Cryptocurrencies. I noticed interesting developments ter the Bitcoin market and think that an evaluation of Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy makes sense at this point. For all of you that are not 100% aware what cryptocurrencies are, see the following brief definition below:

    “A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work spil a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of extra units of the currency. [1] Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative currencies, or specifically of digital currencies.” (

    “Fiat money is currency that a government has proclaimed to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship inbetween supply and request rather than the value of the material that the money is made of.” (

    This postbode will concentrate on practical methods of manual arbitrage, various Bots or other solutions will not be evaluated. Also when using and searching for such Bots please be aware that a lotsbestemming of Scammers and Fake Software is out there.

    Basically, arbitrage opportunities ter the BTC market are happening due to the mostly unregulated structure of cryptocurrencies and the various different BTC exchanges. Some exchanges which are readily used and some exchanges with a very petite trading volume. Therefore, out of the mentioned facts can be concluded that it is hard to keep an efficient market system.

    BTC or cryptocurrencies, te general, are very volatile products to trade or invest ter. Depending on global and political circumstances (e.g. Russia anexing crimeau) BTC get a loterijlot of buyers driven by instability. Out of such events, very rapid price movements are created at the BTC price but most very likely not at the same time and on all global BTC exchanges. Due to the mentioned facts, a price gap starts to exist inbetween BTC exchanges, thesis gaps are either closed very soon(by arbitrage traders) or stay there for some weeks or permanently to a certain point. See below an example of thesis price gaps inbetween the exchange Openbreken and Bitfinex:

    The price gap inbetween Openleggen and Bitfinex are existing for some weeks already at

    100USD difference but now getting smaller.

    How can thesis price gaps inbetween exchanges be used to make a profit?

    1. Buy BTC on exchange A, transfer BTC to exchange B and sell BTC on exchange B for FIAT (preferably ter the same currency – EUR or USD …)
    2. Buy other cryptocurrencies like LTC with your BTC on exchange A, transfer LTC to exchange B and switch LTC back to BTC, then transfer either to exchange C(higher BTC price) or sell BTC for FIAT

    This article will concentrate on the very first of the two possibilities.

    Limitation factors:

    • Fees and costs
    • Exchange Fees inbetween currencies EUR/USD and vice versa
    • Spread when switching FIAT to BTC ( basically exchange costs)
    • Transferring costs inbetween exchanges (Miners Toverfee)
    • FIAT withdrawal fees
  • Risks
    • BTC price movement during arbitrage attempt
      • to minimize Risks, FIAT or BTC should be ready available on the exchange and all exchange Accounts should be fully verified
      • Risk of exchanges getting hacked with your FIAT or BTC on it (therefore exposure time of your assets on exchanges should not be longer spil necessary and rather kept ter BTC wallets or FIAT accounts)
      • Profitability
        • Timing is very significant spil it makes the most sense to get the fattest price gap spil possible and close the transaction spil prompt spil possible
        • Depending on the amount of FIAT employed, it can be assumed that only thicker gaps >, 75USD are profitable due to mentioned fees and costs
        • Profit/ Risk factor has to be evaluated ter line with the mentioned factors
        • I wasgoed able to find an effortless way to find arbitrage opportunities which helps you to employ Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy. I will provide a step-by-step explanation ter the following part:

          For the EUR you can find the following comparison of BTC/ EUR exchanges, spil onmiddellijk investment te your country’s currency reduces fees:

          You can see that the webstek bitcoincharts provides a very valuable comparison of BTC prices and the various mostly credible exchanges.

          For our purposes, the current Bid/Ask is the most significant comparison attribute. Spil wij want to find the lowest and highest trading and most suitable BTC exchange.

          The same is applicable for the USD exchanges, which can be seen te the following picture:

          Two. compare Bid/ Ask and find the lowest and highest trading and most suitable BTC exchange.

          Trio. check the exchange for credibility and review via google

          Four. Sign-up and verify yourself on the exchanges

          Five. create profit from Bitcoin-Arbitrage spil a Trading strategy!

          I began two test runs with different scripts:

          750EUR from an EUR exchange (bitcoin.den) to a US-exchange (Bitfinex).com and then switch my BTC te USD –>, pretty unfavorable setup ter terms of fees and costs

        • The 2nd test run
        • 3000EUR is done with two EUR exchanges (BTC-e and Bitcoin.den) – this 2nd setup is ter my case spil a European the best possible and economic setup

          I will provide the results of this arbitrage testruns ter one of the next posts, so stay tuned!

          Suggested BTC exchanges:

          Spil I made very good practices with the following exchanges ter the last years I can suggest them to anyone of you:

 (take care see following posts part #Two)

          Sources/ Linksaf:

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